I'm working on a school project and this is the home page for my "product". I feel like it doesn't look quite right when it comes to how it's laid out. Does anyone have any tips to make it look better and maybe more dynamic? please don't mind that the page is in Norwegian.


Each paragraph doesn’t need to be in its own box.

Needs more white space. Not literally space that is white, but “breathing room” - there should be more margin between the edge of the page and the title, the edge of the page and the body text, the body text and the top bar, etc.

Professional looking sites usually have consistent margins. So if your title is, say, 50px from the left of the page, make the last button 50px from the right, and the body text 50px from the left, and the image 50px from the right. It doesn’t have to be 50px, but the point is for the page to have consistent left and right margins.

Right now each paragraph is really loooong horizontally. Make them take up less width. This will go hand in hand with creating more white space.

The buttons are also longer than they need to be.

Create more visual contrast between the different elements on the page - maybe put the title in a heavier font weight or make it a little bigger. Consider choosing an accent color other than grey.

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