I'm working on a voxel art indie game about samurai called Ronin Trail

Hello everyone, I would like to share some very sad news. I am writing with tears in my eyes, this is not a joke, not a joke. I am from Kyrgyzstan, a rather poor country, and there is a game called Dota 2, a new treasure came out in this game a day ago, with a very cool skin. I'm not from a rich family, sold all the things in my inventory, threw all my last money to open a lot of these capsules to get the coolest skin. I spent 5,000 Russian rubles, which is a lot, and still got nothing, it was very insulting, but the most offensive happened later. My brother threw off one of the most expensive items in the game so that I could knock out the skin that I want. Now I sit with tears, sad. I mistakenly sold the most expensive item for 67 Russian rubles, THIS IS VERY LOW. I signed up on reddit because I want to speak out, I'm very sad. I'll add a couple of pics as evidence.

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