I'm worried

You realize that unemployment could end up above 40%? Tens of millions of people are without income? Grocery stores can't keep meat, milk, or bread in stock. And yet you can feed a family of 4 a full meal for like $15 with pizza? That's less than $5 a person which is comparable if not cheaper than buying nutritious food at an (eventually stocked) grocery store. There's a reason Domino's is going to be able to hire 10k people and it's because people want to work. Most have the common sense to realize that eventually almost everyone will get the virus and that avoiding it in the mean time is pretty much as simple as keeping their distance from sick people, while washing their hands and not touching their face. If you don't want to work during this pandemic that's your right and no one can force you to do otherwise, but to say that it's driven solely by greed and corporate interests is absolutely ridiculous. The restaurant industry as a whole is projected to lose $225 billion this year. That's jobs for 5-7 million people. If you want to stay home and stay safe, please go do that so someone who needs to work to provide for their families can have that job.

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