I'm worried that LSD has turned my gay (or bisexual)...

I was gay long before I tried LSD. But...

I grew up in a conservative Catholic household. My dad and step-mom are Trump supporters. I supported the Bush Administration as a kid, and was even a monk for a time.

It took a lot for me to come to terms with my sexuality. Mostly time, and honestly evaluating my feelings, and a kiss from a fellow monk in the middle of the night. That last one really threw me. As I thought about it, I realized that I enjoyed it, and the thought of doing it again was very tempting.

I still wasn't entirely accepting of my feelings. Soon, I left the religious life. It was another 6mo before I stopped going to church and admitted that I was gay.

Looking back, I think that LSD could easily have brought my feelings to the surface. If you aren't ready, it can be uncomfortable. Don't worry too much, but find a safe and comfortable way to investigate your feelings.

There is no reason to broadcast your feelings to everybody. Coming out is all about you being comfortable with yourself, and that takes time.

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