I'm a Writer, Domestic Violence Social Worker and Founder of TLLOH. AMA!

I received a training in NJ to work in that department, but went I got a call for the job I already had found another job working with a shelter for abused women. However, at the training they said that those cases are rare and since they get lots of media attention, people think they happen often.

Nonetheless, I've had clients who are adults and stated they were overlooked by the system as children. And I think it happens not all the time, but also not rarely. Meaning, we have to learn how to be astute because child predators are manipulative, charming, sweet, sometimes church leaders, or they volunteer for charities, and people think they are great respectable members of society. I mean, they easily can go under the radar and fool many. And if someone makes an accusation the public may not believe it. So, there are great social workers and case managers that do an amazing job, and honestly, there's some who shouldn't be in this line of work. But those who do know their job, and know what a predator is like, they can close a case successfully and place the child in a safe environment. The system itself is flawed, but there's people working to improve it, just not swift enough for children who are suffering. It's really unfortunate.

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