[Image]PeterTheLeader rejected the free Cyberpunk2077 but insisted on them to give that money to charity instead

People shouldn’t be guilted or judged by how much or how little they give to charity. Charity is supposed to be a selfless personal and private affair, otherwise the act is tainted with some ill intention. Whether it be acknowledgment, esteem, or some other thing.

I think I agree with this for the most part, for individuals. If this was an exchange between two people, I would 100% agree with you. I think my hangup is that one party in this exchange is a corporation. They do have to be spurred to action.

Corporations have the ability to do good, if asked. The funds for this I am 100% sure came out of a discretionary PR fund that would have rolled back into next years marketing budget. Like, that money does not matter at all to that company. Extracting it for charity seems like a great act.

And thanks for the cover up, lol. I probably have to delete this account now because I've been roiling in this drama all day because I was bored at work. People are not pleased.

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