Imagine defending this even if it's only in Phase 1.... lol

I just stick to classic on a private server, much better community, no costs, no layering or other weird modern shit and the devs usually taking good care of the private server since they do it because they love classic.

Blizzard doesnt love WoW anymore, they love money. Layering... wont be long until they introduce the classic real money shop where you can buy items like the blizzcon bear pet and shit because "We like to announce to you that we are able to offer you the rare and unique pets back from 20 years ago where only few could get them while attending our events" blablabla and a week later they put the rare colored mount skins in the shop and moneyblizz working his way to destroy classic.

Private Servers are still and will always be the only true option if you want to experience something close to original classic.

Retail Classic will be a shithole, people will stand in front of a dungeon and see nobody cause they are on the wrong layer.

This project was doomed from the beginning... also all those retail idiots infecting the classic servers is just another nono... no one needs those casual retail fucks who destroyed the game in the first place.

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