imagine having a weak mortal form such as this i cannot relate

Because he "suicide baited", you think he should die?

If that was all he did, no. He did far more than that though, this was just the last straw for me and what made him go from "bad person" to "harmful person".

You really don't take cries for help seriously, do you? Someone could straight up tell you that they're contemplating suicide, and you'd tell them to eff off for "attention whoring", huh?

He refused help when offered. He also did that before. The fact that he broke the pattern does not invalidate the pattern recognition at play. It's the whole point of the boy cried wolf analogy. Or what, you think the lesson to the story is "always believe the kid crying wolf because one day they might be telling the truth"?

The reason Etika's death is tragic is because nobody was able to prevent it. Not because nobody tried to. He had family, friends, and strangers supporting him and wanting him to be healthy, and he had the option to accept and seek help if needed.

You're not helping anyone, and all you want to see is those you dislike suffer because apparently that's "poetic justice" or something stupid in your eyes. Grow up.

You sure seem like the type to want to have the moral high ground in every single situation by pretending you care about every life like a good paragon of justice.

Someone died just now. Someone died just now of Coronavirus. Did you care?No. So fuck off. You can't expect people to have this undying appreciation for the life of a complete asshole willing to make people suffer for his own gain.

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