Imagine you're the lead designer for Smash 5!...With a catch...

Imagine the 50 fact extravaganza while you read this.

Title: Super Smash Brothers, ______!

Mechanics: The competitive Smash Brothers scene has been longing for a game more similar to Melee, and so, we've given them one! With some minor modifications, we've ensured that this will allow the competitive players to remain competitive, while the casual players can continue playing casually.

New Mechanic: Edgehog Climbing! In Super Smash Bros. 64 to Brawl, it was possible to hog the edge of a stage and make it impossible for your opponent to grab onto it to recover. With this change, anyone who attempts to be Sonic the Edgehog will find themselves being used as the edge. All you have to do is air dodge as you're falling past the edgehog, and you will grab onto them. They will be treated as a regular edge, so you can climb them onto the stage! However, if the edgehog gets knocked off the edge, you'll both be sent flying, and that might mean game over for both of you!

It is also possible to hog edgehogs, all the way up to eight players! This is a rather humorous phenomenon we encountered and decided to leave in, but we've accounted for each character's weight. Heavier characters, like Bowser, will be able to hold onto the edge longer while someone is holding onto their feet, while lighter characters, like Jigglypuff, will struggle to hold more then one person for very long, and will send everyone falling.

If the edgehog climbs the ledge, of the edgehog above him, the chain is broken and all characters below that edgehog are tossed slightly upwards, and are able to use their double jump and up specials in order to get back onto the stage, or grab the edge. ...or another edgehog.

**New Game Mode:

Removed game mode: Smash Run and Smash Tour have also been removed, as they are exclusive to the 3DS and WiiU version of Smash 4, respectively. We understand that this may disappoint some players, and ask that they understand. Subspace Emissary will also remain exclusive to Brawl, but we've decided to give it a sequel in ______! We can't release any details at the moment, as it's still early in development.

New Advanced Technique:

Bug Fix:

New Characters:

  • Hector crushes the competition! (Fire Emblem) If Lyn is summoned via an Assist Trophy while Hector is in the fight, they will argue with one another, and insult each other's fighting styles before Lyn attacks someone. However, after all that arguing, Lyn may decide to attack Hector, even if he used the Assist Trophy!

New Third Party Characters:

Removed Characters.

  • Lucina got Falcon Punched onto the bench along with Chrom while Robin was busy fighting someone else. Roy is annoying both of them about not being kicked out of Smash Bros, and they're almost ready to KO him.

  • Pit has defeated his gloomy alter ego, and had the opportunity to banish him to the Bench of the Banished. However, in an act of undeserved mercy, Pit has allowed Dark Pit to have four of his alternate colours. (Similar to Olimar and Alph.)

Returning Characters:

  • Snake kept us waiting! Apparently he was in his cardboard box the whole time, but we accidentally put him in storage... beneath all the crates, barrels, and all the items inside them.

  • Wolf has returned from his vacation! He's a little fatter, and as such has lost his "What's the matter, scared?" taunt until he goes to the gym. As such, he will be available a few months after the release of the game.

New Stage: __________, (#1) _______, (#2) and __________! (#3) (Planets from Mario Galaxy) This round stage features a planetary body that pulls players towards the center. Launching a character sideways may temporarily launch them into orbit! #1 is just a round planet with some platforms orbiting it. #2 features some hazards that come from both the planet and from space. #3 is a planet that can be slowly destroyed by fighting on it! It will regenerate over time, though, so players will always have a stage to fight on.

New items:

  • Ball and Chain: This item keeps you from being launched, but also makes it impossible for you to jump or move. Hold onto it to survive at higher percentages, or throw it at an opponent to hold them in place while you rack up the damage from afar! It becomes significantly lighter when you throw it, for some reason.

Removed items:

New Boss:

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