IMO Sasha is painfully underrated and doesn’t get enough praise for how phenomenal she was as Alison and at such a young age!

I️ mean, I️ didn’t specifically say she was 12 during all of it so I don’t know why you felt the need to hammer that point so much. 13 and 14 is still too young to be sexualized imo. And I️ wasn’t even just talking about the fact that she wore bikinis (which I️ think is different since it was aired on television rather than just her going to the pool or something but I️ don’t think there’s a need to debate the specifics of that).

Having her kiss a 21 year old was the main thing I️ took issue with. That is absolutely not okay by any stretch of the imagination.

My other issue is, again, not just with wardrobe alone, but just with the way that Alison’s character was framed which would not have been a big issue if she was played by an adult actress like the rest of the girls were. Even just having her in scenes teasing men like the video with Ian for example does not sit right with me even if she’s not showing or body or doing anything explicitly sexual.

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