"iTs ImPoSsIbLe To JuMp In ThIs GaMe!1!"

Lol, I love reddit. People think that they are genius here lol. Liking a game and playing it makes a person an idiot lmao. (Btw, I am in my last year of Bsc. Mechanical Engineering with computer science minor with 3.6/4 GPA. Obtained 4+ Honour Scholarships and employed by the biggest general contractor of NA). I am quite happy that I am not surfing on reddit and trying to find something that I can cry over and act like I am smart to make myself feel better like you do. Feel quite bad for you, luv all the idiots. Won’t answer you anymore, you can go mad now. Pathetic “fam”. Honestly, I don’t even know why I tried to prove why I am bot an idiot hahah. Was a waste of time.

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