The impromptu town of Riverpass, where my players are on the run! [OC] [Art]

If Chungus (Real name Noremac), Clack, Alfred, Tito, Valentino, or Rodin are seeing this — yo.

The Kiddy Killers (party nickname, for reasons) are currently on the run into this town, currently fleeing across the bridge from ‘Big Lady’, where they will pick up next game. This is a rather hastily built town, where the fort on the other side is a military outpost preventing refugees (from the war, as well as from some recent, disastrous happenings in the region), from crossing. The town is composed of various homes and establishments built within the last year or so, with many slums and sectioned camps of peoples that have come from devastated regions.

With no where to go, and the military preventing them from crossing the treacherous canyon-like river below, on the only bridge in the region, people slowly accumulated and stayed, building this community (some had been living there before these refugees arrived, enjoying the business of travelers heading through the pass).

A lot of content to deal with in this town, I’m excited to see what the party will try to do in this town next session (Monday).

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