Imus haters?

Used to watch/listen to the I dudes simulcast on MSNBC about 20 years ago. Yeah, he looked like a bar patron extra in a spaghetti western, but the show was tight. It's fun to bust his onions, but to kcsgays point, is there really anything that distinguishes him from the King, anymore? So, to your query, yes it's been entertaining. Rivalries/Beefs/Mexican Standoffs are the cats pajamas. Both of them made a mark in broadcasting. If either is to be slighted, scorn should be focused on the one who might say, "I have to get back to using my platform to solicit money from people that just want entertainment so I can help the disadvantaged, carefully craft a public relations agenda, mold my image/legacy, placate my out of my zip code wife, wear absurd hats, scarves, boots, accessories and accoutrements, develop bizarre hobbies, habits, odd fascinations with social media and the exploitation of it, abuse my staff, profess disdain for elitism while I make every effort to avoid interaction with anyone below my tax bracket, cleverly disguise desperate ambition for acceptance from hollow glitzy cliques as ridicule and implode in the vapid vacuum of my own creation...alone...with not a real friend in the world and a trash can full of spaghetti and nicorette, hearing loss and no microphone."

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