Incel recalls the first (and last) time he touched a girls hair

Thank you! Well, I did what I could, but I still wish that I hadn't in retrospect. What I was going through at that time caused me to gravitate to a cesspool of some of the worst people I have ever spoken to because my priorities were all screwed up. It's a good thing that I have a bad memory though. And yeah; we all need therapy, in my opinion. LOL. Some people just need more of it, more intensively and at a higher frequency of appointments than others do.

And yeah... Perhaps, although he didn't really have feelings for me. He told me once that he had a hard time caring about other people. Not in a sociopathic or disdainful ? way or anything of that nature; he just had a general disinterest in forming relationships and bonds with other people from what I can recall him telling me. I see what you're saying though. I think that it would suck for any guy to have come from an abusive home where they were either mostly or solely abused by women and then to just be okay with it and never be sexist after the fact.

But, that still doesn't excuse misogyny on anyone's part. My older sister probably abused me more than my parents ever did, and I didn't turn out hating women. It's a matter of separating your personal situation from the rest of the world's problems. You have to think about your privileges in any which way that you can and how you can use them to promote the greater good. (Sorry to get all preachy on ya.) We all have our problems and struggles, but hating marginalized groups of people who've been oppressed throughout time just because someone who is apart of one or more of those groups of people has abused and mistreated you, is unacceptable. That's why people say what they do about 911.

It's about people's idiosyncratic qualities and what you want/don't want in any type of relationship with someone. It's just amazing to me how this guy seemed to know all of that but still bashed women and didn't apply what he would occasionally talk about to his own life. are you going to hate rapists (mainly male on female) but call me a wh+re? Ugh. I feel like he was logical and rational enough to have not been resentful, ya know?

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