Incel trying to analyse us(because yes, we're all the same)

For fuck's sake, whenever one side tries to analyze the other, it's always wrong.

The people at IT are normies that are capable of making strawman arguments for days because they can't handle the fact that not all aspects of the bluepill are correct and that incels are right on a bunch of things, but they'll never admit wrong because "Hurr durr, incels are extreme". IT is basically the crowd that gathers around at the back of a fight and then spreads rumors and jokes around about who got their ass beat.

Meanwhile, Incels don't need to make strawman arguments because their perception of reality is already so fucked that their arguments are wrong by default. Some parts of the blackpill are right, like women having a major advantage in dating, but this "canthal tilt", "ethniccel", "it's all because of my face" garbage that gets spouted is wrong. If IT is just a bunch of background characters, then incels are the edgy side characters that are in the back of the classroom looking out of the window that no one likes.

You both suck, and as a blackpilled normie who's part of both communities, I suck three times as hard. So get over yourselves.

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