Incels blame Linux for their situation, because it's anything but them.

I have a dual boot windows 10 ubuntu computer. I'm studying to get A+ certified. I live with my parents, am unemployed, and am 30 years old. For my height, 190 lb is considered the overweight mark. I am 186.5 lbs. I weighed myself today. I have never been told that on a scale from 1-10 I am above an 8. Normally people tell me I'm a 7. I have been told since middle school I am either a 6 or 7.

I made an Ok cupid profile about a week and a half ago. I have received 5 mutual likes since then, and I am going on a date with one of the women from Ok Cupid tomorrow. I think she is very pretty, and she is accomplished academically and has a very good job.

Do you want to know what I attribute my success to? I spend a lot of time reading and try to avoid videogames. When I read, I intentionally read stuff that challenges me. Rather than bury my head in something teenage boys read like Orson Scott Card, I try to read stuff it is not typical for a 30 year old white man to read. I have read 8 toni morrison novels, for instance, and I would consider her in my top five favorite authors. When the girl I am seeing tomorrow and I talked, we were able to talk about her favorite zadie smith novel instead of videogames or star wars or something.

All i had to do was, 6 years ago, in attempt to reach out to people different than me, read 1 novel by a black English woman. That's all I had to do. Read 1 NOVEL. It wasn't even boring or non-fiction. All I had to do was spend about 8-10 hours reading. Once. And women are talking to me on OK cupid despite my openly telling them that I am: 1) Unemployed. 2) 5'11'' (i'm not a "chad" and super tall). 3) Live with my parents. 4) Am studying for "An IT certification."

If that isn't a list of reasons for a woman to run in the OPPOSITE direction, I don't know what is.

All I had to do was read 1 400 page book. One time.

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