Incoming freshman: what do you want to know about college?

How much does what college you go to really matter?

Depends on what part of the country you're in. If you're in NYC, the South, or out in the Rockies, it doesn't matter at all. If you're in New England, San Francisco, or Seattle, your entire personhood gets judged on it.

How much homework did you actually do?

You'll start off doing 4-5 hours per week and end up with a possibly limitless amount by senior year if factoring in senior thesis, internships, job searches, etc.

Is it really as wild as it seems? With parties everyday and shit going on in the dorms?

Freshman and Sophomore years are the party years usually. Juniors calm down and get serious while Seniors don't give a shit about it. Some people party hardy for all four years and they normally end up getting jobs through Daddy's company and developing substance abuse problems down the line. :)

How the fuck do you manage keeping up grades, looking for internships for the summer maybe, working a job (for those who Don't get 1K of spending money from parents every week), having a SO (maybe) and keeping a social life?

You don't. Part of going to college is learning how to manage your time.

What major did you do?

Something in the humanities. If you go down that road, better get good grades and go to Law or Grad school or you'll have to go back for a second bachelor later on so you won't have to walk dogs for the rest of your life.

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