Increase of harassment/violence in Toronto?

I just wanted to let you know I upvoted you.

My views are much less compassionate than those of this sub and more extreme than yours.

I know posting anything like this is Karma suicide in r/askto but I'd rather live my life honestly than try to please everyone.

Mental illness is no excuse for violence. Even if they are mentally ill, yet violent, it isn't relevant to the sane people going about their day being exposed to it. A solution of "I feel bad for them, let them do what they want." Isn't going to stop anything.

I take this position on this issue and all others; What is best for my family, the people I care about, the productive innocent people of society (even those who hate my views) and lastly myself.

That means, I want them gone. Let's be honest. Many of these people (not all) are scumbags and crackheads. Shitting on the sidewalk, drunk and pissing everywhere, attacking people, yelling jibberish. Their lives serve no purpose. They should be removed, permanently. Their fate means literally nothing to me. Place your efforts elsewhere, into a person that matters and can do something with their life. These people are a waste of your time and energy.

I know a good world and city is just a personal fantasy that will never come true, so don't get too angry.

Just imagine, every crazy homeless person is gone. Every scumbag gangster type as well, gone.

This city would the best on earth. It could be that way if you weren't so indoctrinated here, a shame.

I know some of you agree but are simply too fearful of the herd being angry. Fuck them.

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