Increasing fasting time

The experience of having my brain work better has been so bizarre and amazing. I ate a tremendously unhealthy diet my whole life and only in hindsight, with clean eating, IF, and exercise, do I see how much it actually affected my life for the worse. I have access to so many different hobbies and interests now just because I can focus better, think faster, keep track of more information at once. I used to be skeptical of people who talked about how getting healthy made their lives better but this is just objectively, overwhelmingly true. I can draw now. I can cook now. I'm better at driving. I haven't played piano in like 7 years but picking it back up has been a breeze. I'm more calm and composed at work and perform better. I notice more nuance in flavor when I eat. I'm aware of so many more layers of detail in all my surroundings. I can formulate thoughts quicker and with more complexity.

To anyone lurking - Get. Healthy. Do it.

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