Incredibly, it seems most comments on the top /r/worldnews stickied mega-thread about European sexual assaults have been deleted. shows deleted comments on any post by just typing 'un' inside the URL before reddit and hitting Enter. It may take 10 seconds to load that mega thread.

Here is one of my favorite ones from /u/KeertanM

I am a female. I feel threatened by this news. I live in London which is a multicultural city. It makes me feel like i have to be more mindful of how i dress and where i go. If the police cant take control of these incidents, what hope do i have of navigating across the city in safety? I felt the same way when the riots took place in 2011. It happened literally outside my door. It was complete anarchy. There was looting and violence. And the police lost control for a whole 4 days. I don't think we are allowed to have pepper spray in UK, but i feel like i will need to carry something for protection now. Those safe little holidays to Europe have gone. I've been to third world destinations for holidays and spent most of it being hassled hence why i preferred to go to Spain or Greece for a short break. Now everything is as fucked up as their own countries because they have brought their misogyny with them. And if you notice even the big stores in London are selling tops for women called 'no peep shirts'. They button down in such a way that no one can even see your collar bone. Its like even the retailers have an unspoken sense of how times are changing. I don't want to conform to this style just because a pervert cant control himself. I get the feeling the powers that be will just mute this outrage. They did the same with Asian rape gangs who drugged and raped and pimped out vulnerable girls in UK. Till they all spoke out and years later were brought to justice. But now these new numbers are so many. There is no hope of catching them all and putting a stop to it. They've got away with it, so they will keep on doing it. Owning a rape alarm doesn't make me feel all that secure anymore. Perhaps they should have handed out a western user manual to these new comers (they need to RTFM!). This has changed Europe forever.

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