The incredibly simple story of how the gov’t Googled Ross Ulbricht

Sure I will provide the links directly to the comments that were posted on the subreddit I run and undelete the vile they have posted there for all to view.

I have tried to categorize the behavior although I may have missed some.

I have many emails also, all of them along these lines. I get on average 50-100 messages per day easily from this group. Threats, insults, you name it, just like the threads below.

When you read it you will start to notice the patterns, the language, the motives and the behavior starting to form a specific agenda. I will leave you to your conclusions on that.

Banning/attacks when attempting to educate:

The first one that got me banned and started it all it seems:

/r/DarkNetMarkets/comments/2m16e4/easier_than_ever_to_get_on_i2p_for_windows_users/ (content only contained specific info on how to get on I2P)


Most recent (generalized claims):








Marketmanipulation (keeps users coming back and prevents new ones from learning until after the fact, there are hundreds of these besides what I posted):


Attacks (supposedly) because of "the name":


/r/SilkRoadReloaded/comments/2rg7jz/site_is_now_live/ - 66 Comments

/r/SilkRoadReloaded/comments/2m5gpf/banned_from_dnms_because_of_what_someone_else_did/ - 102 comments

/r/SilkRoad/comments/2rp0aw/silkroadreloaded_is_live_on_i2p/ - 79 comments (This article got the media's attention which spawned the VICE article, it was originally deleted but returned.)


/r/Bitcoin Thread Link -