India air pollution at 'unbearable levels'

I used to live in India and now live in China. If you think China is polluted, go to India, it's simply an other dimension. As highlighted in the article Delhi's Air Quality Index is currently literally off the charts at 999 when Shanghai's is a pretty normal 65 and Beijing is a bad-but-not-terrible 127. And the sad truth, knowing India, is that this will only get worse. Nothing gets done there, ever. They've been speaking about building a expressway between Delhi and Mumbai (the country's two major cities) for now 5 decades and the project still has started. Heck, their train system isn't even computerized for the most part yet, it's still virtually in the same state it was during the Raj. If they can't even build a mere road or computerize their trains, tackling something as complex as pollution is a total lost cause. It's really really sad that they simply don't seem to get their act together.

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