India considering allowing Ayush "doctors", naturopaths, homeopaths, et al, to perform non-surgical abortions

No I am sorry. I work in India and Ayurveda ranges from bullshit to "less effective than conventional evidence based medication".

When your entire "science hinges on magic" you tend to not have science.

There is a major problem with India. See? India NEEDS doctors. It's current staff are insanely overworked. On a normal working Outpatient I see close to a hundred people. In some camps I see 200 to 300. You aren't seeing patients, you are a drug dealer. I see you have a cough. Take this cough syrup... I see you have fever. Paracetemol. Oh! Something interesting? ADMIT! Let's find out but not today.

So India's politicians have two issues. One. Post Colonial Mentality tries to big up Indian stuff. Problem? A lot of Indian Stuff is cool but no one knows about it but experts. The politicians aren't experts. Two. Politicians aren't educated. You know how American Politicians from some places push the "we are everymen" as if this somehow makes you excellent at running a country? India is like that. There have been politicians who are completely illiterate. So you end up with those people not being able to differentiate.

There is a fuck tonne of quackery out here. Hell? When I was in Ortho rotations I came into contact with quack Orthopaedics. Bone Setters. Yeah... India basically uses them to provide sub par healthcare and calls it a win without looking at outcomes. And the worst problem is India's really relaxed prescribing laws.

These guys CAN prescribe. So often what they do is mix their drugs up with real medicine. Cheap Indian Drugs plus bespoke products = Premium prices and fantastic claims.

And they try to claim it is superior. The problem is this. There is no western medicine. There is evidence based scientific medicine and there are quacks. If something works we doctors use it. The best example I use from India is vaccination. The predecessor was called variolation and was practiced in India for more than 2000 years. It's believed to be the source of the practice across the world. That was medicine that worked but was phased out because we invented something better. Hell? The earliest usage of opium to treat pain was from India but NOOOOOO we still have to worry about magic herbs rather than actually doing some fucking research. And the research coming out of India is tainted by these idiots. Can you trust any research no matter how honest done by a system that thinks that quacks are acceptable medical practitioners.

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