Indian employers are biased against innovation. Anecdote of a friend who did his PhD recently.

How paradoxical the situation is!

Want to become wealthy--Do Business but there's a huge risk. Want middle class life--Do job but no growth ever(I mean earning in lakhs).

Congratulations man! Just get out of this poverty.

This Trump's agenda will make your transition harder,make sure to take care of that! So will you stay(if you get job there) in USA permanently or return here after making tonnes of money?

I think--If You,who have done well in his career,is facing such difficulties,how much problem students from shit engineering colleges face regularly and maybe a minority of them are able to rise and become rich.I don't know why but becoming rich here seems very difficult here.

Suppose,I want to start a business requiring capital of Rs 10 Lakh.I earn Rs 40,000 with 4-5 members in family to take care of.I save Rs 10,000 monthly so,yearly savings rate =Rs 1,20,000 in 10 years=Rs 12,000,00(considering promotion etc).Now I start a business and it tanks(95% approx. startups fail,not sure about stats).So i am royally f*****.Situation seems scary or I am making it.I don't know.

But what i know--Here,people keep struggling,keep struggling and die but never get rich( by rich i mean just enough to roam the world,take vacation,buy home and give great education to children etc).Most people i know have not seen India,what to say of foreign countries.They don't eat balanced food,bargain for 10 Rs at 50 years of age.Situation is bad,dear.

Chaliye accha hai koi to dhan kamaye.Best wishes to you!

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