Indian girl here, can you help explain the Western concept of love/romance to me?

European here, 26m, let me give you another point of reference, a few things around here are a bit different.

I almost insist that a girl has some experience, and knows what to do with her body. I don't do one-night stands with 19-year olds for that reason. It's a craft, an art, a skill, whatever, but it has to be learned. I'll happily teach and explore it all again rom the very beginning, but having done that once in my life, I have no desire to repeat that. This is not just plain sexual, but also the process of leading a relationship, knowing how to open up to one another, talking about desires and goals without accusing, and being able to listen. It's all learned, and we're collectively getting better at this from generation to generation. (Almost everyone I know here belittles the relationships of their respective parents.)

Once she knows what she's into and what not, I don't care where she picked it up. Might have been long hours on the internet, might have been a 40-year old dude that was great in the bedroom and creepy outside, might have been a few dozen one night stands, might have been an eight-year relationship with a sad ending. We've all got our histories by now ... and mind you, no-one is marrying early in Europe, we have that pregnancy thing under control here. So, the whole dating thing is becoming very relaxed around my age. And before that, it's a consensus that everyone can choose any path they wish, and reconsider way before settling down. They don't settle down at a given point in time too. Average maternity age is above thirty! Average! And some stil get pregnant at 21! This is actually an incredible amount of individual freedom for personal development, and many people seem to pick up on it. It's one of the things I love most about my generation.

Thinking about it, it's all about being at eye level. I have some experience, so she better have as well. Others have different expectations. It's also incredibly complicated to find somebody that is compatible, and the expectations seem high. Online dating has been socially accepted since 2-5 years, and was looked down upon before. It's all in flux, and it all changes extremely quickly and often.

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