Indian Police setup an ambulance with a fake COVID 19 patient and putting people caught without masks inside them as punishment.

  1. People in Sweden have a different social way of life. They have a greater trust between government and people and most people there are social distancing without being ordered to. While their numbers are lower than Italy, they are higher than other places like Portugal. When borders start to re-open, they will bring the pandemic with them when they travel. Sweden is like apples and oranges when compared to the US. The tiniest bit of research would show you that - but it's becoming evident that you're just being willfully ignorant.

"Many countries are lying about their statistics" - I'd agree with that. Many are under-reporting. Also, most deaths reported only account for deaths in hospitals and nursing homes - no deaths at all that happened in the home. The number we currently see will be a fraction of the real numbers.

LOL. "Projecting". Only a simple, small person would try to make that argument when in the US alone, more people have died to date than the entirety of deaths in the Vietnam war. But don't let a silly thing like facts get in the way of your feelings.

As for your last paragraph - have you bothered to look into your questions at all? Obviously not. I have though. Because I actually have intellectual curiosity and I enjoy knowing what I'm talking about factually. Funnily enough, I spent a little bit of time addressing this exact thing with someone else last week, and decided to copy my answer to them into my notepad, realizing the question would come up again shortly with so many confused, selfish, and/or incurious people out there.

I know your ego would never let you admit you're wrong, so I don't expect you to say it. But you know you are, I know you are, anyone reading your comment knows you are. Please, for the love of god, realize that you have the entirety of the sum of human knowledge in your pocket. There's zero excuse to make arguments based on your feelings and desires rather than on facts and reality. Please learn to be curious and look shit up, and not just on the news channels that repeat what you already think and want to hear. Expose yourself to truth, even if it's not always pleasant.

What happened in the past re: quarantine? (There is a ton of info out there on what happened to "end" this and other pandemics. The outcomes will vary in severity, but end more favourably as time passes and our science & medicine improves. But: what happens if the quarantine is over too soon?

The Great Plague of 1918-1919 came in waves. The first wave was horrific, but by summer 1918, infections and deaths had plummeted and people were starting to be hopeful again. Medical professionals told public officials that they needed to wait longer or risk another wave of infection, but they didn't listen, and encouraged people to get back to work. (See below, I have included more info on that and why they did it).

And so, predictably, within a few months, the second wave of the Spanish Flu hit, and infections and deaths skyrocketed. For example, during the second wave in October, 1918, 195,000 Americans died from the flu. That's 6,500 deaths a day on average. The flu also morphed because it was allowed to bounce back, and the second wave began killing healthy young people in their teens, 20's and 30's just as prevalently as it had previously killed the sick and elderly. It became reported that "the flu could kill a healthy 25 year old man in 24 hours" whereas it hasn't been able to do that during the first wave.

So why was the second wave of this flu so deadly? And why did it happen in the first place?

Well, there was a war going on. People went into quarantine after the plague's first wave, and the rate of infection and death plummeted, but needed more time still for the curve to flatten.

Instead of waiting longer in quarantine, as medical professionals kept telling leaders would be essential to beating the flu, leaders/public officials urged people to get back to work, even though they knew it would result in the flu spreading again, because they were willing to sacrifice people's lives for more war supplies and to strengthen their economies.

According to James Harris, a historian at Ohio State University who studies both infectious disease and World War:

"The rapid spread of Spanish flu in the fall of 1918 was at least partially to blame on public health officials unwilling to impose quarantines during wartime. In Britain, for example, a government official named Arthur Newsholme knew full well that a strict civilian lockdown was the best way to fight the spread of the highly contagious disease. But he wouldn’t risk crippling the war effort by keeping munitions factory workers and other civilians home."

"Newsholme concluded that "the relentless needs of warfare justified incurring [the] risk of spreading infection” and encouraged Britons to simply “carry on” during the pandemic."

Note: there is a timeline for complete quarantine as outlined by epidemiologists for dealing with present infections, the infections they would catalyze, and then the dying of the virus. That would require the strictest of quarantines that people aren't willing to do or enforce. So there are variations on it also published. At the beginning of March, scientists predicted we could have eradicated the virus with 5 weeks of near-total quarantine, for example. Google is your friend.

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