Indian teen gang-raped for an hour in virus-ravaged city, lured over a promise of COVID jab

When you have a worse penalty for rape than for murder, or even a really severe penalty for rape in general, you remove all incentives for the rapists to let the victim live.

Making rape penalties harder will not reduce rape- it will just create a situation where all rapists will murder their victims and go to great lengths to hide the bodies so they don’t get caught.

Knowing that getting caught for rape will get you executed will just make rapists even more violent and vicious- they will never let a rape victim get away alive.

Rapes in India don’t happen because rapists feel they can get away with them- they happen because we have a pervasive rape culture which continues to define sex as something men do to women, not something that is an act of mutual love shared between two people where both are consenting individuals. There is also a pervasive idea that men deserve sex, since boys are raised to have every single desire fulfilled since their childhoods- and sex is seen as a natural desire for men.

There is also the idea that women don’t enjoy sex or that they never ‘want’ it- so it has to be ‘taken’ from a woman by force anyway- you could legally marry her and then force her everyday (marital rape is unfortunately not seen as a crime in India) or you could ‘take’ it from any random woman that tickles your fancy.

If people are taught that all genders and sexualities have normal sexual urges, maybe men will focus more on building loving relationships with women, because then women will gladly have sex with them willingly in a safe, respectful and healthy manner which doesn’t cause harm to either person.

There is no way to reduce the rape rate of India if we don’t change the culture around sex.

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