Indian women on Bumble chat twice as much as those elsewhere

Population density of Indians in Canada makes them a visible community.

In the US, unless you’re in one or two specific cities, you’re basically nonexistent. You don’t see people like you out and about randomly, and if you do see someone like you it’s probably because you’re meeting them there.

That isolation creates an internal anxiety of otherness. Psychologically, what is normal within the home is abnormal outside the home and vice versa. And the constant switching back and forth takes a toll that requires a serious effort to overcome. Some can get past it and some can’t. Some are lucky enough to have parents who understand this and guide them in the process while others do not.

In Canada, there is enough of a presence (at least in the eastern half of the country) that the accepted normality within the home and outside is not as stark and jarring. It makes for a much easier personal journey in that aspect.

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