Indiana, you guys are geniuses, forcing aborted babies to be named and buried with headstones. Absolutely brilliant law that will red pill many people.

I was just watching a documentary about the barbaric shit they do to female or deformed babies. They interviewed one woman who was considered to be "insane" by the people in her family. The reason? She had a girl instead of a boy and her husband immediately threw the baby in a well and killed it.

Then the second time she gave birth it was a daughter again, only this time they let her keep it for a few days before ripping her from her arms and giving her away to strangers and telling them that the mother (this woman) was dead. The documentary also featured an orphanage run by people who took care of these babies that were lucky enough to be spared from death. Bless those people involved because they really are miracle workers.

Here's the documentary for those interested:

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