Indiana Loses Its Game: Right now, Indiana is in a mess, and residents are worried about the loss of jobs and investment because of a meaningless and spiteful piece of legislation. They should feel free to blame their governor.

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A majority of those who voted in the 2012 election voted for Pence's opponents. And even many those who did vote for Pence do not support the RFRA bill.

2012 Indiana gubernatorial election Party Candidate Votes % ±% Republican Mike Pence / Sue Ellspermann 1,264,877 49.62% -8.22% Democratic John Gregg / Vi Simpson 1,183,213 46.42% +6.38% Libertarian Rupert Boneham / Brad Klopfenstein 101,028 3.96% +1.84% No party Donnie Harold Harris / George Fish (write-in) 34 0% —

Are there idiots, racists, and bigots in Indiana? Sure, I wouldn't argue that, but I would also argue that every single state and country has them.

Neither Pence nor the rest of Indiana's Congress campaigned on any intentions of an RFRA act. It was never mentioned. Now, you may argue that people should have seen that coming, simply because they were Republicans. Indiana has a history of moderate Republican politicians (see former Senator Richard Lugar and the current Republican Indianapolis mayor who has been speaking out against RFRA) who have not been radical social conservatives, so for many Indiana Republicans, this RFRA bill felt like a bait-and-switch. To them, Pence gave no indication during his gubernatorial campaign that he would do this, and if people had known then, he would have lost.

Personally, I figured he was an ass and actively campaigned against him throughout that election. I volunteered for the Democratic opponent (even though that guy didn't support marriage equality either, sigh) and convinced many people to vote Democrat in that election. As much as I am frustrated by the people who didn't listen to me when I told them Pence was a bad egg (many people told me they had to weigh fiscal and social issues, and chose fiscal to be the priority since they didn't think local politicians would have much of an impact on social politics), I know that those people are very supportive of LGBT rights and are not racists or bigots. Possibly that makes them idiots, but I know that many of them are intelligent and well-educated. I wouldn't say that having different priorities than I do makes anyone an idiot.

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