India's Indigenous Made Fighter Jet: HAL Tejas (Cockpit view)


Tejas, India's indigeneously-designed Light Combat Aircraft, on Friday got initial operation clearance (IOC-II). Defence minister AK Antony handed over release to service document (RTS) to Indian Air Force chief NAK Browne. The certification paves the way for the induction of Tejas into the Indian Air Force. Speaking at the event, Anthony said: "It is a great day for the whole nation."

Tejas is a lightweight multi-role jet fighter developed by India. It is a tailless, compound delta wing design powered by a single engine. It came from the LCA programme, which began in the 1980s to replace India's aging MiG-21 fighters

The Tejas is designed to carry a veritable plethora of air to air, air to surface, precision guided and standoff weaponry. In the air to air arena, the Tejas carries long range beyond visual range weapons, with highly agile high off-boresight missiles to tackle any close combat threat. A wide variety of air to ground munitions and an extremely accurate navigation and attack system allow it to prosecute surface targets over land or at sea with unparalleled accuracy, giving the Tejas true multi/swing role capability.

Tejas development programme has also accomplished the design and development of two seater trainer aircraft for the Indian Air Force. The Success of Tejas programme for IAF drew the confidence of Indian Navy entrusting ADA with the Design and Development of Naval Version of LCA for operation from Aircraft Carriers. Aerodynamic enhancements to improve low speed performance for Carrier operation, addition of Arrestor Hook for deck recovery, need for a stronger Undercarriage and Cockpit redesign for naval operations have made the LCA Navy development programme an immense challenge.

Tejas incorporates a highly reliable quadruplex digital fly-by-wire Flight Control System. The new generation glass cockpit comprises Multi Function Displays (MFD), Head Up Display (HUD) and Stand by Instrumentation System driven by Open Architecture Mission and Display Computer. This provides effective Human Machine Interface (HMI).The advanced utility and health management system provides system health and warnings to the pilot through a Open Architecture Computer (OAC).

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