India's retardness the Indian threat and why china is important my thoughts

Ummm no Hun. They are Hindu gods and I pity you that you see it like that. I really pity you that you have readily convinced yourself of a lie.

Most gods are described as Aryans.

Coping is high.

And what was that? 3/4 of the princely states United just because they were forced to do it. So many Indian citizens want to become Pakistani, so many Indians want independence, so many Indians don't even think of themselves as Indians so what identity are you talking about?

Sure,they want independence. Those who do want independence are Muslims and Christians. Just like you. They follow a foreign relation just like you guys.

However Hindus here,they don't have an identity crisis.

Indians realise that their mythologies are indigenous. They can relate to their mythologies as local incidents (even if they might have never happened).

That is not lacking identity Hun, that is diplomacy. If you had learned something through observation you'd not be termed a bully in your own neighborhood and ruin ancient relationships. I sincerely hope you have successfully passed 10th grade this time

We never had ancient relations. You guys were a tributary to the Qings.

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