Why Indie Survival Game Nether Failed

The video takes forever getting to the information and is thus unwatchable IMO, so here is what I gathered from this video while skipping forward (at least until I couldn't stand the slow delivery of information anymore. . . does Youtube pay by the word or something? Lack of brevity seems like the most common mistake made by every amateur low-follower Youtuber).

  1. Bad early access - lack of content, lots of bugs.
  2. Greed? - He didn't say why in the particulars before I grew too bored to continue the video, but we can assume it was a predatory pay-to-win system as this is usually the case; and
  3. Developers not dealing with game cheaters (which the Youtuber refers to as "hackers" - which is a bit like referring to someone who litters as a cat burglar).
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