Infant Sleep Training Survey

1. How old was your child when you began sleep training?
We began at birth but not using a method that most people associate with "sleep training." Many people will stridently say you cannot "sleep train" a child under 6 months old, but they are thinking of one method among many of helping children learn healthy independent sleep habits.

2. Which sleep training method did you utilize with your child? (if none, skip this question)
None of the above. We took gentle measures from birth to create a good sleep routine, good habits, to teach the difference between night and day, to guide circadian rhythms, etc. As a result of this, both our children were sleeping more or less through the night by 12 weeks.

3. At what age, if any, did your child regularly sleep through the night uninterrupted?

0-6 months

4. How would you rate your stress level at the following intervals:
0-3 months: 4/5 (but not because of sleep issues) 4-6 months: 3/5 (but not because of sleep issues) 7-9 months: 0/5 10-12 months: 0/5 13-18 months: 5/5 (but not because of sleep issues)

5. If you could revert your decision, which sleep training method would you have chosen to utilize instead?
I would do exactly as I did, not change a thing. Well, I would change one thing - when my kids were born, it wasn't yet recommended to have the crib in the parents' room for the first 6 months. We had baby in our room for more like 1-2 months. If I had another now, I would follow the recommendation that baby sleep in a crib in the parents' room for the first 6 months.

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