Saying no to B.C. transit growth is a vote against young Canadians

Of course there certainly are but its a whole lot of "what ifs" based on assumptions. Let's take three people. Person A takes public transport , person B bikes, and person C drives. The knee jerk response is to assume that the driver is the least healthy. (At least based on assumptions I've seen on this subreddit and in media). "Drivers are unhealthy because they are stressed more and don't walk as much" would be a pretty good argument. Yeah, but not all drivers are stressed more than if they took public transportation. The idea of being crammed into a bus full of unhygienic people, some who are rude by talking on their phones etc, might be more stressful than sitting in traffic listening to music for many people. Stress is the ultimate silent killer, as I have learned in medical school. Also, we haven't even mentioned socioeconomic statuses and how this affects stress. I imagine the guy making $150k a year stuck in traffic is overall less stressed than the person on transit trying to figure out how to pay their next month's rent. Richer people have stress too, but money can solve a lot of problems. So as you can see , the negative health associations with driving are not necessarily worse than public transit. This is why I think using health as a platform to vote yes is stupid.

Oh the biker is healthy as fuck though. His stresses include what color spandex pants to buy next, making it to work in one piece, and wondering if he can beat his previous record of 52 times around the seawall in one day....although he's soaked head to tail in his spandex as he bikes in the rain from October to march. But he will outlive all of us.

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