Saying that trans women are not ‘women’ or ‘real women’ is not transphobic or anti-trans.

That's why it's called male-to-female transition. Trans women who have transitioned as early as puberty began

This is exactly the point. They began facing, they haven’t faced it from birth. That’s two different experiences. How can a trans woman say they know what it’s like to be a woman from birth when I can’t say I know anything about being trans?

I think it's sexist and misogynistic of you to bar women from competing in womens sports if physically they're just the same as other women

It’s sexist that women can’t compete it women’s sports? I said biological men/trans women shouldn’t compete. After transitioning they are not just the same as women. I can list why with sources but it will be very time consuming and I don’t know your level of understanding of the science so don’t know what to and what not to explain.

If physically they’re just the same as you’ve said, then as a doctor I would have to treat them physically as just the same. Not doing this would be discrimination. If I did this, I would be harming them, causing unnecessary deaths and would loose my license. I’m not just talking about genitalia. I understand the point you’re making about muscle mass. However, there is a lot more that testosterone doesn’t change.

You really drive home the point that you don't consider trans women as women at all.

Again, I’m talking about biologically female. I’m not talking about gender which is what you are talking about.

Trans women in sports are not "men competeing in womens sports". It's women competing in womens sports.

I feel I’m making the same point here but you’re talking about gender and I’m talking about biological sex. Do you believe these are synonymous? There are biological men who take testosterone competing in women’s sports. Gender is a social definition. It’s not a matter of me accepting it, unless you think I’ve misunderstood the definition of gender and sex...

Would you argue that a trans man (female at birth) would be fine to participate in a female bracket?

Absolutely not. Why would there be any difference when they are not biologically male?

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