Inherency T block for the Aff in Sept/Oct topic?

I don't think you understand at all. "to be" implies future, ie, it's not yet happened or happening. Semantically, the resolution requires that affs be inherent, else they would not answer the question of if something "ought to be." It ALSO probably requires that affirmatives be whole res, because national service is a mass noun, which functions similarly to a bare plural. That takes out plans, leaving you with one aff -- whole res. That whole res aff is inherent, meaning that Nebel T wouldn't affirm.

I don't mention OP's aff being non-T outside of a comment you made

You literally just wrote a paragraph explaining that OP's aff is non-T and then immediately after claimed that you never said that... what? I am not interested in a debate in whether OP's plan is topical, because if it's not then he has greater problems than inherency.

Again, insofar as topics pose the desirability of some policy/action in the future

Big if, if that's true then plans must be non-inherent to be topical

AND this one is semantically about all forms of service, they're probably non-T.

Okay, then my comments don't apply. I'm saying IF the plan is topical they can make this response.

You say that "they have bigger problems than inherency," but no, being non-inherent is the same as being non-topical in this context.

Inherency and topicality are two different things.

Your understanding of what a plan is is incredibly misinformed, and the two "different criteria for a plan" aren't mutually exclusive. A plan's truth can entail the truth of the res, and the plan can also be parametricizing the resolution. An example of a plan that meets both would a plan on the nuclear power topic that does not specify a country but does specify a process for the prohibition of nuclear power. One that meets the latter yet not the former would be a plan that specifies a certain country; this is because 'countries' is a bare plural.

Of course they're not mutually exclusive in that a particular plan can be topical under both conceptions, but they're mutually exclusive understandings of what it means to be topical.

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