This is insane

Because 35-50% of the population can't actually be borderline sociopaths. Not even 10% can be that. You talk about making excuses but then you immediately turn around and try to pathologize these people by using clinical or clinical-adjacent terms which reduce their agency and therefore their culpability. The truth is a lot more complicated and messy.

Yall are so obsessed with who gets what blame and why, meanwhile the house is burning down and nobody's doing anything about it. When you're dealing with MILLIONS of people, you can't keep focusing on the "individual" anymore. If this were all a matter of individual responsibility, then conservative beliefs would make a lot more sense, but clearly that is not the case in reality. So, I guess people can bicker over the minutia of how much culpability every individual has if they really want to. OR maybe it'd be more constructive to focus on the people actually holding power and how their decisions, behaviors, rhetoric, and policies affect society as a whole.

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