You have the insane ability to find a flaw in any shitpost and then write a 6 paragraph long complaint in the comments.

I'll paste his response here to induce PTSD like flashbacks, so you can relive the moment he proverbially napalm bombed your village.

No it's not. This sub is about giving people lemons and watch them get creative and turn it into lemonade.

A bit like r/WritingPrompts/ but the prompt is a very limited power and users try to get the most of that.

Having or using a power must not be worse than not having or using it - then it's a curse.

And the power must be somehow usable or it's a non-power. Just like "the ability to speak to dead people but they never reply", or some other bullshit that we have seen in the past.

This is why this power of yours is bullshit. It's not so much because how you worded it or because you limited it but because you limited it into the ground where it's effectively a non-power.

A good shitty-super power would be like Magenta in the movie Sky High - while most other super-powered kids at her school can throw fireballs or create duplicates of themselves or have super strength, she can only shape-shift into a guinea-pig. A regular sized guinea-pig.

She later uses this power to crawl into a very restricted space and fix the anti-gravity generator and saves the school from crashing into the ground (it normally flies high in the air - hence the name Sky High). That's using a shitty superpower to the maximum potential - that's what's fun about this sub.

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