Insane RNG will not keep people playing, it just makes them quit.

The raid has nothing to do with the build diversity issues of the game.

yes, clearly, but the raid does offer 3 full sets which are not available otherwise.

It deserves to have rewards unique to and commensurate of a challenge that difficult.

yes, but build diversity should not be a reward gated behind the raid.

I don't know why people who are now older and more casual want to punish the younger and more hardcore players by watering down their rewards.

because older and more casual people want to have fun with the game too. As said, the rewards for the raid are not even unique, they are just a couple more sets most people hate anyways. ...and exotic weapons just are there for the passives.

Are you really now arguing that those rewards would be super special and should be gated behind the raid?

Other people having nice things that they worked for does not offend me in any way whatsoever.

Again, I'm not talking about "nice" things, I'm talking about things that make me enjoy the game. Like a working build for example, or maybe even 2 I can switch back and forth.

Beside, it doesn't offend me either.

I simply did quit the game

I have spend 250hrs in this game and I quit 1 week after WT5 was available.

If you are having fun hunting for carrots through endless layers of RNG, that's cool, I personally want to just enjoy the game at some point on a build that is half decent at least.

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