Inside the Pedophilic Manga Industry in Japan

If a person is sexually attracted to people in their 18-20s I always get pedo vibes. Unless ofc. they are in that age group.

Being attracted to 18 y\o's is just as bad as a Japanese man being attracted to a 13 y\o, if the age of consent is the only thing stopping you from dating kids.

Fucking disgusting. I do agree somewhat with the part where this type of material can prevent actual crime though. BUT, it would have to be heavily regulated to avoid people accidentally getting exposed to it. Some sort of prescription I guess.

The way they have it displayed for everyone to see in the form of advertisements and even conventions, is definitely going to be bad.

It could be regulated like heavy drugs are in some countries today. You go to the doctor (or in this case a psychologist or something) who then prescribes whatever it is you need to not become a violent criminal.

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