Inside The Safest School In America

So I'm the spouse of a teacher and a parent of students, so I'm fairly opinionated on this particular solution.

  1. If the panic button locks the classroom down. Is the teacher with a gun now trapped in the room and useless? Or are they trapped in a hallway with all locked doors and are now the only person for the shooter to target?

  2. If your school isn't high tech like the one in the video, is the teacher required to secure their children first or go roaming the school with a firearm? What happen's to the kids that are left alone.

  3. Why the fuck should my kids have to consider whether they are comfortable taking a life, if they dream of becoming an educator?

I understand that this idea sprouts from a feeling of love for the children. I know you want to protect them, but I just don't agree it's the best way.

And before I get called a cuck or a libtard, just know that I probably have more firearms and training than you do.

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