Insufferably annoying YouTube troll refuses to wear a mask, gets arrested for trespassing

Welcome to Flagstaff, Arizona. Where the town is over run with entitled, spoiled, college students.

Additional note before people get mad. Flag is full of great people but in my opinion the University has become a tumor that has outgrown its host. Growing up we loved the small college and going to football games and the small boost it gave to the economy. In recent years though it seems the university is on a mission to grow regardless of what impacts that may cause to the town and outside developers are more than willing to build pay-by-the-room luxury student apartments on whatever scrap of land they can find. The apartments may not seem bad but in a small town where even 2-story buildings were rare, 5-story apartments really stick out, especially when they are built around business that refused to sell to the developers and when these apartments are built with far more rooms than parking spots so the small businesses are forced to defend what limited parking is on their property.

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