Insurer Delays Prior Authorization, Patient Loses Leg and Pelvis, Then Dies

Sorry, accidentally replied to wrong person. Biased field. I'm in Neuro but have practiced in both Canada and US. The average person takes much longer in Canada than the US. But an urgent scan can be done that day, if not within a few hours. By urgent, we mean cord comps (they always move to the front of the line), strokes (if needed), seizures (if suspicious for NCSE), decreased LOC (not waking up). By then, these guys are inpatient. Night time MRIs are harder to get but if ever clinically indicated, they can be done. Now it also depends where in Canada you are...our northern communities have limited access and have to be flown places. Access in Canada is limited by availability, suspected acuity and distance. In the US, by money and distance.

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