Intact Ottoman 'war camel' found in Austrian cellar

So I am from KSA, and over there they have camels like you find deer in the US or Moose in Canada. They just randomly exist all over the place, and sometimes they get into crashes with cars out in the desert. The driver/passenger almost always die. They fold into the car and crush the ppl. Yes, Camels are tall.

But since we aree in the history sub, an interesting thing to note is that despite what their size might imply, they are also extremely agile creatures. Camels played a large role in the Arab conquests of the Levant and Persia. While they also had traditional horse cavalries of course, the Arab strategy revolved largely around highly mobile groups of elite irregulars- often mounted on Camels. Contrary to popular belief, camel archers weren't a thing, they just used spears. But anyways, especially against the heavy mounted cavalries of Persia, the camels were decisive cus seeing those hulking things streak around the battle field made the horses freak out and compromised the Persian military effectiveness. Elsewhere such as against the Romans at yarmouk, these same irregular forces would be used to do diversion and bait/switch tactics that wore down the cumbersome standing armies of heraclius till they were ripe for attack. Camels got mad stamina yo. They really were a very important part of those conquests.

And then in peace time, camels have historically provided an amazing service being able to serve as both transportation AND pack animals at the same time. And one of the few (only?) animals that can ferry people across the vast expanses of the Syrian or Arabian deserts. Its like they were made for that shit, literally ships of the desert. And then when all is said and done, you can even slaughter a camel and feed a lot of people- as is common practice in some places.

Ever wonder why Arabs love camels? Its just an animal with a lot of utility. From caravans to skirmishers, Arab history wouldn't have been the same without these guys.

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