Intel Core i9-9900KS Will Likely Have a 127W TDP

then its an admission by intel that the new chips are no longer 88/95w

I don't think i was clear enough the first time:

They where never 95w's to begin with!

The 8700k wasn't 95'w either, it is more like 120w's with peak to 135w in AVX, the last 95w's chip was the 7700k stock with peak to 105w's in AVX.

I'm sick of these companies misleading consumers all day, its a common tactic. "The less people know about your product the easier it is for you to sell it to them", but we are living in a digital age of information they end up looking foolish more often than not, and if people were not profoundly lazy with their researching of a product before purchase then this kind of practice couldn't last past the first time they would try it.

Why don't they just slap 160w's on the box as TDP, that's what you truly need to keep it cool and be done with it. Oh that's right, I forgot they get government incentives to keep power consumption down, because we wouldn't want the decrepit power lines of the US to be overloaded... bah!

Rant /off

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