Interested in Islam


I have a few recommendations :D

Please dont feel overwhelmed, I just have researched a lot on YouTube over a long period of time, so I'm just giving you a lot of recommendations and you choose what you like!


Here's some interesting videos to watch:

I chose these guys as they were either christian/atheist in hopes of you relating to their stories and thoughts.

  • Hamza Yusuf (I like him a lot, he is one of my favorite speakers)
  1. Discussing his conversion to Islam

  2. Foundations of Islam series - playlist link This is very good if you want to get a glimpse at Islam, its foundations (duh :p), and the sunnah of our prophet Muhammad (SAW)

  • Yusuf Estes (Great guy and very wholesome, I love watching his videos and his story is very very interesting :) -I think you should start with this one!)
  1. Story of Yusuf Estes - From Darkness to Light

  • Yusha Evans
  1. How the bible led me to Islam (This one is very good, mostly because i watched it recently lol. He explains his journey through adolescence until now)

  • Dr. Jeffrey Lang
  1. My journey to Islam

  2. The Quran - An atheists perspective (you can check the other parts if you like this one)

MORE: As far as I know, the following speakers are not converts.

  • Dr. Yaser Qadhi:
  1. Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - Playlist Link This series is absolutely phenomenal, i am currently watching it and I'm enjoying it a great deal. If you want to learn about the life of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) this is likely the most complete video series you will find. It may seem like too much, but one video a day as you go to sleep or during your free time goes a long way. Doesn't even have to be daily, just adjust it to your schedule to watch it regularly!

As a matter of fact, Dr. Yasir Qadhi gave these lectures weekly so not need to rush it or feel overwhelmed:)

They have a great series on the stories of the prophets (as). Highly recommend! It features great Muslim speakers such as Mufti Menk.

Some other knowledgeable Muslim speakers that i didn't mention (because i'd never finish) are:

  • Mufti Menk
  • Omar Suleiman
  • Nouman Ali Khan
  • Bilal Assad (He has a fantastic series on the End Times that i enjoyed a lot, though i haven't finished it).

I may have forgotten some other names but these should help to get you on track to learning more about Islam and the Quran.

In regards to the Quran, if you're looking for an English translation, i personally enjoy The Gracious Quran by Ahmad Zaki Hammad a lot. Leather bound version here. It's a modern translation and i think it could be one of the best translations out there. Very easy to understand and you feel the power of the words of Allah. Highly recommend!

Best of luck brother/sister :) I pray Allah (SWT) guides you and grants you much knowledge about Islam/Quran.


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