Interesting article on AirPods. Especially the “Platform Building” section.

I sorta bought my pros on a lark... thinking that I would return them if I didn’t like them.... filling expecting to do so.

Now I wear them every day... although the ANC isn’t the best in the market... (my Sonys are superior) it’s still very capable and useful... and contrary to the Sonys, convenient and inconspicuous.

Being able to turn off outside noise is incredibly nice. I never thought of them as augmented reality devices, but I can see that now.

It’ll be interesting to see what Apple does next. Augment sound? Contextualized sound? For example, I often have a hard time hearing what people are saying to me. ANC mixed with voice isolation and amplification would be amazing. I think the Sonys do this already (context based ANC)... but it’s not a feature I’ve explored.

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