The Interview being simultaneously released in theatres and digitally will be a fascinating case study for the movie industry

As a current marketing major myself, I find it fascinating to try and determine which promotion tactics are being utilized by movie companies to get people to see their films. This is by far the most intriguing case of business marketing in the real world that I have ever seen.

I'm not saying I believe this whole situation is purely a marketing scheme and that the North Korea threats are fake, not at all. But, I have enjoyed seeing how Sony's marketing team has responded to this unique challenge. I mean after all, they did still pay for the film to be made so they wouldn't want to create false hysteria and drive people away from theaters in the first place. Which means this hacking situation is most likely legitimate.

After seeing all the theaters deciding not to play it, I knew Sony was gonna have to pull something big out of their ass to rectify the situation and somehow gain somewhat of a profit. So it was a bit of a shock to me when Sony announced that they were going to allow that so easily.

After that, I very nearly began to believe that the movie was never even fully made, just a few scenes for a trailer and that was it. Then they would use the hype of North Korea to make some sort of profit by cutting deals with distributors and still see the return on investment.

However, this counter move by Sony is complete genius. They either just sent the ballsiest political statement ever to cyber-terrorists (whomever that may be), or just pulled off the biggest marketing ploy ever conceived. And I'm inclined to conclude it's a marginally lesser combination of the two.

Regardless of which it is, Sony successfully ousted the cinema terrorism fire with this move, and "The Interview" will be In Theaters everywhere by Friday.

TL;DR: I don't intend to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but rather just an enthusiastic observer of culture.

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