Interview with St. Louis man who pulled out rifle during protests: "Well, you know, we were always obviously upset. My wife doesn't know anything about guns, but she knows about being scared."

Jesus Christ. This man sounds pathetic. He makes it sound like this “mob” was going through his neighborhood with the intent and purpose of attacking his home. They were passing through to get to the mayor’s house.

If anything he and his wife escalated the situation with firearms and threatening the crowd with violence. They broke a gate. A singe gate and this man and people that support believe that justifies pointing guns at people and threatening their lives. If they were pounding on his door, in his yard, sure defend yourself. But c’mon... I’ll never understand why people think violence is the answer to property damage. He’s a god damn lawyer, figure out who the perpetrator was and sue them for the damages.

The crowd that is standing with this man and his wife are the same crowd that believe police have the right to take someone’s life over non-violent offenses. That the police or anybody with a gun has the right to be judge, jury, and executioner. Boggles my mind.

And don’t get me wrong. I think rioting and destroying property is wrong and people should be arrested and charged for damages, but not have their lives threatened.

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